Pregnancy: When everyone is enjoying it more than you

I did not enjoy being pregnant. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy very much having a baby. I love the end result, but I did not like the process of growing him. In fact, I am still very traumatized by it.

After my son was born, my husband asked me if I had to do either the pregnancy or the labour over again, which would I choose? For me, it is the labour, no question. Continue reading

Things I have done while breastfeeding

  • Watch him adoringly
  • Read emails or check Facebook
  • Attempt to stop my boob from squirting while he takes a break to look around or chat
  • Wonder what he will be when he grows up
  • Wonder who he looks like more
  • Wonder where his sock went

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My son has a furry big sister

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My husband and I brought home Hazel in 2012. For the first while, she kept us up all night and kept me busy all day getting into things and crying for attention. She has boundless energy and ruins all her toys, but she is clever and lovable at exactly the right moments. And boy, is she a ham for the camera!

No, Hazel is not a toddler. She is a 3 1/2 year old chocolate lab. Though Hazel has always loved children, we were nervous about introducing her to her baby brother when we found out that I was pregnant. Hazel has always been sweet and gentle, but we had heard and read stories of people having to make the difficult decision to re-home dogs when children arrive. It turns out we didn’t need to worry because in August she welcomed home her little brother, MB, with much excitement. (And even more wet doggy kisses.)

There have definitely been some challenges with being a mom to a dog and a newborn baby, but also some extremely sweet moments. I thought I would share the pros and cons of having a dog and a baby.
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