How Having my Son gave me Permission to Make Friends Again


Originally published at Mommy Connections East Toronto on March 11, 2016.

I have a theory about adult friendships. Unlike when you are a child, I think there are only certain windows of time when it is socially acceptable to actively look for new friends without appearing desperate. I’m going to call these “friendship windows”.

Some friendship windows include attending college or university, starting a new job, and of course having a baby.

Living in a larger city means it is socially unacceptable to strike up conversations with strangers pretty much anywhere, let alone ask them to hang out with you. As a well-adjusted adult, you are supposed to have your own friends, and therefore be too busy to need any new friends.

Even when you do. Continue reading

A Letter to Mirror Baby from Baby MB

Dear Mirror Baby,

I just wanted to tell you how much fun it has been hanging out with you. I mean, I love my mom and the dog but sometimes its like they don’t understand me at all.

You, on the other hand, seem to know exactly how I communicate. In fact, it’s like you are feeling all my emotions right along with me! When I smile, you smile. When I cry, you cry. When I  bonk my head, you bonk yours too in sympathy. You understand that sitting is way harder than my parents make it look. It is so nice to feel such support for my feelings. Continue reading

Strollers and Sidewalk Right of Way (Move, you dick!!)


If you are like me, you have run into many issues pushing your stroller through the streets of the city. Though strollers give the illusion of mobility, in they winter they are basically useless. It seems many fellow pedestrians are dicks need help in determining whether they should step aside for those of us with strollers, so I have created a chart to help them out: Continue reading