Parenting Phrases I Hate: Enjoy Every Moment

Welcome to the 3rd instalment of Parenting Phrases I Hate.

Let me set the scene: your baby has been super fussy all day at home. We are talking Sir Fussy von Fussinstein, king of all fuss. In order to remind yourself that there is still happiness in the world, you take the baby outside. You have no idea where you are going, but you are out of the house, so you don’t care. On the walk you run into a lovely person who admires your baby. As they are leaving they say this week’s phrase: “Enjoy every moment”. Continue reading


You may be looking for daycare in Toronto if…

Daycare in Toronto is not for the faint of heart.

Between the outlandish expense, and the unfathomable politics of the daycare centre wait list, it is enough to drive anyone crazy. So, it is only natural if you find yourself exhibiting some rather bizarre behaviours in your quest for day care.

What type of behaviour, you ask? Since we have finally found daycare for my baby, I now have time to compile this list.

If at least 4 of the following statements apply to you, you may be searching for daycare in Toronto:

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Guest Post: Dear Son, Make Your Own Sandwich…..(Love, Mom)

Today’s post is a guest post from the lovely and talented Sarah West, at A Life Inspired.This post was originally published at: A Life Inspired

Dear Son, Make Your Own Sandwich….. (Love, Mom)

The other day I hit my limit. I was already stressed due to work deadlines, soccer games and all the many other “priorities” pulling me in a billion different directions.

And the funny thing is, what pushed me over the proverbial mom edge was a sandwich.

It probably did not help that I was running off 12 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours. Again, certain “priorities” demanded my attention more than my bed. So let me paint my moment of total psychosis for you. Keep on Reading!

Slightly Inappropriate Life Lessons from my Dad

As Father’s day approaches, you may be wondering what pearls of wisdom to dish out to your children this year. They have probably heard all of your old standbys a million times. And those things your parents said, that you SWORE you would never say? Ha! You’ve said those a million times too.

Well, have no fear, my amazing readers! I grew up in a house full of strange sayings, and I think these are too good not to share with the Dad in your life. Now, courtesy of Newbie Grandpa (my Dad), here are some of the gems I grew up with, along with translations for those who are not related to me. Enjoy! Continue reading

Things No One Tells You About Your Body After Baby

Quick warning: if you are one of my male readers (yes, I have those), this may be one of those posts you want to skip. Yes, even though it talks about boobs. Okay ladies, read on.

I still remember going to visit a friend a month after having her first baby. At the time, she was one of the first of my university friends to have a baby and most of us in attendance were childless. Someone asked the new mom what was different about her body after the baby, and she responded with, “What’s not different?” At the time we laughed, thinking that she just didn’t want to talk about it. We changed the subject. I now realize that this was one of the truest answers she could have given.

Even though I had done the requisite research about recovery from childbirth, I was still surprised by some of the changes my body has gone through since my son was born. During a recent mom’s night out with the mom squad, it became clear that I was not the only one.

So, I asked the mom squad to tell me what surprised them about their post-baby bodies:

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Goal Setting as a Mom – The Struggle is Real

“I think we need a new shed,” my husband said, looking out at our neglected and overgrown back yard.

“Maybe we can get a kit and I’ll build it,” I said.

He looked at me like I was delusional.

“Do you really think this is a good time to commit to building a shed? We can’t even commit to putting away the laundry.”

Well, he has a point. He had also caught me at my new habit – making goals that I cannot possibly complete. Is this a thing other new parents do? Maybe it is the freedom of nap time or the nice weather, but suddenly I am brimming with tasks I can’t wait to complete.

There is just one thing standing in the way of my burst of productivity and the completion of all of my brilliant ideas. Yes friends, only one thing can stop me now – and it is currently crawling over to splash in the dog’s water dish.

Hey kid, can I have some?

As a parent of a newly mobile baby, I spend most of my day chasing him around and picking up after his destruction. If a task cannot be done in 35 seconds, then it will not be done until nap time.

As such, I have had to re-evaluate my rather over-ambitious goals. Here are some examples: Continue reading

Baby MB Learns to Crawl

Well, after about 8 months, it has finally happened. Baby MB has learned to crawl. Well…sort of crawl. Rather than the traditional crawl, he has opted to do the worm whenever the urge to move strikes him. (Which is often.)

Since he is not the first of his baby buddies to crawl, I began baby proofing the house early. I put up some baby gates, changed the outlet covers and did a sweep of the house for dangerous objects. I felt prepared.

As usual, I was wrong. Here are some things I was not prepared for when the baby started crawling: Continue reading