How Having my Son gave me Permission to Make Friends Again


Originally published at Mommy Connections East Toronto on March 11, 2016.

I have a theory about adult friendships. Unlike when you are a child, I think there are only certain windows of time when it is socially acceptable to actively look for new friends without appearing desperate. I’m going to call these “friendship windows”.

Some friendship windows include attending college or university, starting a new job, and of course having a baby.

Living in a larger city means it is socially unacceptable to strike up conversations with strangers pretty much anywhere, let alone ask them to hang out with you. As a well-adjusted adult, you are supposed to have your own friends, and therefore be too busy to need any new friends.

Even when you do. Continue reading


New Parents Talk a Lot About Poop

Originally published February 16th at Mommy Connections East Toronto

poop emoji

I talk a lot about poop these days. I mean a lot. Like way too much and to way too many people. To my husband, parents, friends and even strangers.

It wasn’t always like this. I used to have regular, non-poop conversations about all kinds of things.

Before my son was born I talked about poop a normal amount. Not being a plumber, medical professional or teenage boy, I didn’t really have much cause to talk about it. My poop conversations increased slightly after my husband and I got a dog, but this was nothing compared to what happened when we had our baby. Continue reading

Five ways to relax as a new mom

Originally published at: Mommy Connections East Toronto
(Look mom, someone reads my blog!)


Remember how you used to relax before your baby was born? No? Me neither. But I do have vague recollections of going out for dinner or to the movies or for a spa day. These things are much tougher to manage with a young baby and you begin to worry that you will never get a moment to yourself again.

Well, probably not. Sorry. But fear not, fellow Mom! That doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze a little relaxation into your day if you get a bit creative. Here are five ways I have used to find my Zen: Continue reading