Parenting Phrases I Hate: Enjoy Every Moment

Welcome to the 3rd instalment of Parenting Phrases I Hate.

Let me set the scene: your baby has been super fussy all day at home. We are talking Sir Fussy von Fussinstein, king of all fuss. In order to remind yourself that there is still happiness in the world, you take the baby outside. You have no idea where you are going, but you are out of the house, so you don’t care. On the walk you run into a lovely person who admires your baby. As they are leaving they say this week’s phrase: “Enjoy every moment”. Continue reading


Parenting Phrases I Hate: “You think that’s hard, just wait until…”

Welcome to the second instalment in the series: “Parenting Phrases I Hate.” This week’s phrases is one I have heard a lot since my son was born: “You think this is hard? Just wait until…”

First, I think I have said this, along with almost everyone else I know. Veteran parents are the worst culprits. Most of the time, it is not a bad phrase in and of itself. I will say that 98% of the time this is said in a friendly, joking manner. It is said in camaraderie. But those other 2% of times,  it is meant with malicious intent.

Again, most of the time, it is innocent, but when it isn’t – I hate that phrase.

Let me give you four examples:  Continue reading

Parenting Phrases I hate: Men Don’t Like Babies

“Men Just Don’t Like Babies” is a stupid phrase that we need to retire.

I will be honest. I had no idea this was actually something people said, but I have noticed it more and more since Baby MB was born. I have had no less than 10 conversations where this phrase was used.

Can we all agree that this is a stupid phrase and that we should just stop saying it? Continue reading