Things my baby has done while breastfeeding

Since I wrote a list of things that I have done while breastfeeding, I figured I would share a list of things my baby does:

  • Smack my boob
  • Laugh at my boob (I am not really sure why, as I have never had this reaction to my boobs before. Maybe he is just remembering something funny he heard earlier?)
  • Talk while he eats (Sometimes he stops eating to talk, but other times he just chats on my boob.)

  • Scratch my side
  • Cry because he is hungry but he has stopped eating (He did this voluntarily and then apparently had a deep feeling of regret about it, but not enough regret to continue eating again.)
  • Burp on my boob, or worse – directly into my mouth
  • Try to pull my shirt over his face
  • Try to eat my bra
  • Try to hold my hand
  • Hold his own hands
  • Get a mouthful of milk, then open his mouth to smile at me. The milk spills all over us. So now we are soaking wet, but darn it, he’s so cute.
  • Crank his head to look around, flashing my nipple to everyone (Hey, maybe this is why he is laughing!)
  • Kick me
  • Reach up to feel my face
  • Smack my windpipe (To make me appreciate breathing more?)
  • Pee on me
  • Poop on me
  • Grab his ears
  • Rub his forehead
  • Fix his hair
  • Twist around, stretch and try to roll
  • Rub his eyes (Because eating is exhausting!)
  • Eat only from one side and then ignore the other side (I am beginning to think he is just messing with me…)
  • Actually eat the milk
  • Oh, and this:20160126_145919

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