Simple Tips for Flying with a Baby

Earlier in the week, I posted about my strange dreams as Newbie Dad and I prepare for our first flight with Baby MB. I figured many of you may be in the same situation. Since I don’t do advice here on Newbie Mom Site, I decided to get someone who does to help make our flight a little smoother.

Jess from Room Service Required has some awesome tips for those who are flying with little ones.

Check out the link to her article here. I found it very helpful and I am sure you will too.

Weird Dreams I had about taking my Baby on Vacation

So, Newbie Dad and I are going to take Baby MB on our first family vacation this month. Apparently we are the kind of people who like to gamble, so rather than a short road trip we have decided on a 5 hour flight to Arizona, which is 3 hours behind us in Toronto.

We have been doing a lot of research by talking to friends, reading other articles and checking out my friend Jess’s blog about travelling with children: Room Service Required. I will be sharing some of her great advice with you this week!

Anyway, as the trip approaches, all I think of is what could go wrong. As a result I now have ridiculous dreams about our first flight that will (probably) never happen. Want to read about them? Of course you do! Continue reading