Why You Can’t Get Mad at your Facebook Friends for Posting yet another Baby Picture.

You’re scrolling through your Facebook news feed, and you see them: Pictures of your friend’s babies or toddlers with captions like, “Trying carrots!” or “Happy 6 Months baby Bob!”. We have all been there. Quick – what is your reaction to this?

Chances are you fall into one of two camps: 1) Great, I love babies. That is cute! 2) Oh my God, another stupid picture of their kid. Why don’t they post about anything else?

I will tell you why I don’t think people should get mad at new parents for posting about their babies. (I know, you didn’t ask. Deal with it.): Continue reading

10 Steps to Shopping as a New Mom

Going shopping used to mean a fun day out with friends. You would leisurely stroll through the shops, spending time trying on new clothes, debating the purchase while twirling in the mirror. Then you would probably stop for coffee. Or a snack. Or both! Why not, you’ve got time.

Yeah, not so much of that any more! A little while back, I posted about my first shopping trip post baby. Now, due to popular demand, I will give you some insight into how I shop for clothes, now that I am a new mom. Okay, fine. No one asked. Too bad, suckers! Here we go. Continue reading

Things I Really Want on my First Mother’s Day

You know those commercials where people get their mom expensive jewellery?

Let me set the stage for you: they are playing in a meadow wearing their most formal attire and the little kid pulls out a box. The mom opens it, discovers a pair of diamond earrings that the kid could not possibly have the credit score to purchase, and gasps in delight. The commercial ends with her hugging her angelic little ones as the camera swirls around them.

This may be what the commercials show us, but that’s not what new moms like me really want.

What do new moms really want? Here are my suggestions:

Continue reading

Simple Tips for Flying with a Baby

Earlier in the week, I posted about my strange dreams as Newbie Dad and I prepare for our first flight with Baby MB. I figured many of you may be in the same situation. Since I don’t do advice here on Newbie Mom Site, I decided to get someone who does to help make our flight a little smoother.

Jess from Room Service Required has some awesome tips for those who are flying with little ones.

Check out the link to her article here. I found it very helpful and I am sure you will too.

Weird Dreams I had about taking my Baby on Vacation

So, Newbie Dad and I are going to take Baby MB on our first family vacation this month. Apparently we are the kind of people who like to gamble, so rather than a short road trip we have decided on a 5 hour flight to Arizona, which is 3 hours behind us in Toronto.

We have been doing a lot of research by talking to friends, reading other articles and checking out my friend Jess’s blog about travelling with children: Room Service Required. I will be sharing some of her great advice with you this week!

Anyway, as the trip approaches, all I think of is what could go wrong. As a result I now have ridiculous dreams about our first flight that will (probably) never happen. Want to read about them? Of course you do! Continue reading