This is why you need a mom group!

Of all the things I have learned about being a new mom, this is the most important: get out of the house and talk to other moms! This has saved my sanity many times.

When my son was born, our hospital matched us up with moms with similar aged babies and had several post-natal meetings. We met a group of about 20 moms and babies from our area. These post-natal classes turned out to be far more beneficial for me than the pre-natal classes!

Our group continued to meet about once a week doing a variety of things. We walked, went on playdates at the library and went to the mall. This became my first mom group, though I am now lucky enough to have a few others as well. I will call them the mom squad. (Because it sounds awesome, obviously! So badass, right?)

Okay, Newbie Mom, get to it. Why do I need a mom group? Well, let me tell you.

Today was a rough one. I have mastitis, the dog was sick and hubby has been working late, so I have been doing a lot of the heavy lifting at home. Baby MB also chose this time to try out his new teeth – on my already sore boobs. Good timing champ.

The mom squad sprung into action! There were messages to check on me. Tips for dealing with it and cute baby pictures to cheer me up. One went above and beyond and offered to come to the house to walk the baby and dog so I could get some time to myself.

I am not someone who asks for help, for lots of reasons. I don’t want to impose or when I need help, no one is available or because I think I am fine until it is very obvious that I am not. I cried when I got the message. Like full out bawled walking down the street. It was such a nice gesture! Old me would have said she didn’t have to do that, but new me gratefully accepted this help.

So, this wonderful human being strapped her baby on her chest and put mine in the stroller like a freaking super woman. Oh, and did I mention, she was also walking my dog?? And she acted like it was no big deal! Well, it was for me. I was seriously losing it before she arrived, but this gave me time to eat lunch, drink a tea and put a warm compress on the twins. It was amazing! It totally turned my day around.

So, my friends, this is why you need a mom group.

I will leave you with one more thought. This is a lesson that I am learning this year: Parenting is like drinking – you can do it alone, but is is so much better to do it with a group of lovely people. (At least, that’s what I remember about drinking. It’s been a while.)

Do you have a mom squad? Tell me about how they have helped save your sanity!

Photo credit: skeddy in NYC via / CC BY



24 thoughts on “This is why you need a mom group!

  1. How wonderful that postnatal meet ups were arranged with other mamas! I wish all birthing centers and hospitals did this. It took me quite some time to recognize the importance of community. So glad you have a mom squad!


  2. This is something that I really need!! We are preparing to move again *sigh*, but we are planning to stay at the new place for at least a couple of years. We usually move each year and I’ve grown tired of it. I depend on my husband for all types of emotional support, ect. and it gets difficult because even though he may try understand a little, he doesn’t COMPLETELY understand, but I really appreciate him for trying. We aren’t close to family either, so there are several times where I’m physically & emotionally drained from feeling like I’m doing it all on my own due to my husbands work schedule.


    1. I don’t have much family in the city either so it is a must. Another thing that helped is going to baby and mom classes or drop in play centres. I started going to a workout class even though I am not someone who enjoys working out just so I could interact with other adults. My husband works longer hours too and it is really hard. I hope you can stay in one place for a while.

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  3. Parenting is like drinking… that’s perfect.. and then parenting will cause you to drink!! Glad you said “Yes” and got some much needed Me-time. {{HUGS}}


  4. I totally agree!! Luckily I have family close and they were a built in mom squad for me. I also am a part of a private moms group on Facebook which has been so helpful! I am going to have to look for a hospital that does post natal classes for next time!


  5. Yes! My mama tribe is one of the most essential parts of motherhood for me. And I’m sorry about the mastitis! I had that and it totally sucked. Hang in there, mama!


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