This is why you need a mom group!

Of all the things I have learned about being a new mom, this is the most important: get out of the house and talk to other moms! This has saved my sanity many times.

When my son was born, our hospital matched us up with moms with similar aged babies and had several post-natal meetings. We met a group of about 20 moms and babies from our area. These post-natal classes turned out to be far more beneficial for me than the pre-natal classes!

Our group continued to meet about once a week doing a variety of things. We walked, went on playdates at the library and went to the mall. This became my first mom group, though I am now lucky enough to have a few others as well. I will call them the mom squad. (Because it sounds awesome, obviously! So badass, right?)

Okay, Newbie Mom, get to it. Why do I need a mom group? Well, let me tell you. Continue reading