Things I have done while breastfeeding

  • Watch him adoringly
  • Read emails or check Facebook
  • Attempt to stop my boob from squirting while he takes a break to look around or chat
  • Wonder what he will be when he grows up
  • Wonder who he looks like more
  • Wonder where his sock went

  • Wonder what I will eat for breakfast
  • Wonder what I will eat for lunch
  • Wonder what I will eat for dinner (I think a lot about food these days because I am always STARVING)
  • Eat cold food with one hand (He always seems to be hungry when I finally get to stop thinking about food and eat it.)
  • Watch TV
  • Spot all the soothers that fell out of the crib around the room but then forget to pick them up when I get up from the chair
  • Clean his ears
  • Plan my day
  • Try to be that level of alert which means he will not fall, but the level of drowsy that will allow me to fall back to sleep (This is tough and not often achieved)
  • Get peed on or pooped on by the baby
  • Get barfed on by the baby
  • Get scratched by the sharp baby nails and wonder when I will get to cut them
  • Get upset that he ate for 20 minutes on one boob and 1 minute on the other, leaving me lopsided
  • Feel relieved when he finally eats from the other boob
  • Stare into space
  • Question my parenting choices
  • Play fetch with my dog
  • Pet my dog with my feet
  • Get niplash (When he whips his head back with my nipple still firmly in his mouth)
  • Be thankful that my baby is healthy and that we can breastfeed
  • Count how many hours of sleep I got (This doesn’t take long)
  • Wish I had a glass of water
  • Realize that my glass of water is across the room and stare at it longingly
  • Wonder what my ideal superpower would be (FYI: it’s mind-reading)
  • Think about all the cute things the baby has done and about how much I love him

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