Baby MB Learns to Clap

It has been a couple weeks since baby MB discovered the joy of clapping and of all his new skills this one is my favourite. What is cuter than spontaneous baby applause? Not much.

What makes it even cuter is that while he has mastered the physical motion, he has not quite figured out the social context of clapping. So he claps when he is happy, when he is sad or when he is confused. The kid just loves to clap. I like to think he is just a tiny optimist – making the best of whatever comes his way.

Here is a short sampling of all the things baby MB has applauded this week:

When I changed his diaper. He does it every time, and I encourage it. I actually think everyone should receive applause when cleaning up another human’s waste. It really makes the job a lot more pleasant.

When I ate a spoonful of his yoghurt.

When he pinched his hand on a toy, he sad clapped as tears ran down his face. He also been known to sad bounce in his jolly jumper when the dog stepped on his foot.

When the dog licked his face.

When I peeled an apple.

When his dad came home from work. I clapped too. That was a looooong day.

When I put on his pyjamas. (I guess he likes that pair?)

Once when he was refusing to fall asleep at bedtime, I came up and changed his diaper. He clapped and then went straight to sleep. I like to think that clap meant, “Well done mommy! You have unlocked the key to bedtime.”

When I sang a song he liked. This one is nice too. Got to love someone who enjoys art.

When I did a difficult exercise at baby workout class. Baby encouragement is the best.

When I wiped his runny nose.

When I gave him his favourite stuffed animal.

Whenever there is a long silence.

When a team won on Family Feud.

When his Grandma gave him a toy.

When he was cold getting out of the bath.

When he sneezed. Then he wiped his nose with his hand and clapped again. Booger clap…awesome.

When he sneezed directly into my mouth. I did not enjoy this one.

When all his toys were out of reach. (See? Tiny optimist.)

Can you quit clapping already? I’m trying to take a nap here. 




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