Do you have a Mom Purse?

I officially have a mom purse. No, not one of those big giant ones. You know, those ones that would be too big to be considered carry-on at the airport? No, t is a regular size purse, but it is a mom purse none the less.

What exactly constitutes a mom purse? Well, let me tell you. A mom purse is basically a diaper bag except that it also has your wallet. Unlike a diaper bag, however, a mom purse does goes with you even when your baby does not. I have been guilty of taking the mom purse on nights out, to work and even for coffee alone.

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7 Ways Parenting is just like the Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is one of my favourite shows. Actually, my entire family are avid fans. We were so excited to see the season premiere this past Sunday. (And then horribly traumatized, but that’s another post.) Anyway, as we watched, I began to realize that the Walking Dead is exactly like parenting. Well, maybe a little more bloody, but otherwise pretty much the same.

Here are 7 Ways that Parenting is just like the Walking Dead. (No, there are no baseball bats involved. Sorry…too soon.)

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Look at me, I’m a writer!

My first article was published on Her View From Home yesterday and I am very proud of it. Actually, I think it is one of the best things I have ever written.

If you have a moment, please check it out! It’s about that crazy, emotional roller coaster that is the first year of parenting. You know what I mean, because you are reading this blog.

Here is a short teaser: 

You have a baby and you are immediately overwhelmed. You are overwhelmed by the indecipherable crying, by the lack of sleep, by the extreme neediness. You are overwhelmed by your love for this new tiny human and by the responsibility of keeping said adorable baby alive and well. You feel exhausted, useless and anxious. Everything you do is so hard. It won’t always be like this, others tell you. It will get better.

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Parenting Phrases I hate: Men Don’t Like Babies

“Men Just Don’t Like Babies” is a stupid phrase that we need to retire.

I will be honest. I had no idea this was actually something people said, but I have noticed it more and more since Baby MB was born. I have had no less than 10 conversations where this phrase was used.

Can we all agree that this is a stupid phrase and that we should just stop saying it? Continue reading