Do you have a Mom Purse?

I officially have a mom purse. No, not one of those big giant ones. You know, those ones that would be too big to be considered carry-on at the airport? No, t is a regular size purse, but it is a mom purse none the less.

What exactly constitutes a mom purse? Well, let me tell you. A mom purse is basically a diaper bag except that it also has your wallet. Unlike a diaper bag, however, a mom purse does goes with you even when your baby does not. I have been guilty of taking the mom purse on nights out, to work and even for coffee alone.

If you have 10 or more of these items in your purse, you may also have a mom purse:


Goldfish crackers


Baby wipes

A tiny toddler spoon

A squeeze pack of apple sauce (I have eaten this in a food emergency. Don’t judge, I was super hangry.)


Pacifier wipes

A bib

Tiny mittens

A small toy

Sometimes my wallet (stuffed with receipts but no actual money)

A handful of stuff I took out of my kid’s mouth. I couldn’t find a garbage, so I put it in my purse.

Chocolate (Because I can’t fit a bottle of wine in there. Ooooh, now I get why people have those giant purses!)

Dog bags, which have doubled as diaper bags

Flyers for baby stores and kid’s events in the area

A toy car

A sippy cup

My phone, loaded with pictures of my kid

Sunglasses, for covering my giant under-eye bags

A pile of questionable tissues

Well, how did you do? Is there anything I missed?

(By the way, I have all of these in my purse as we speak.)




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