4 Reasons Parents of Babies Deserve a Medal

Babies are cute. I think we can all agree on that. They have sweet, gummy smiles and sweet, chubby cheeks. Yes, babies are super cute, but this doesn’t mean that they are easy to live with. On the contrary – babies are like the worst roommates ever.

Being a new parent is hard. HARD. But everyone you meet will want to tell you how great it is and why you should appreciate it. They are blinded by your baby’s cuteness and oblivious to their challenges. But from one new parent to anther – this is way harder than anyone can tell you. You deserve a medal.

Here are four reasons I think new parents deserve a medal:

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Stuff First-Time Parents Worry About

First-time parents worry about everything. Okay, well maybe not everything, but definitely more than our more seasoned mom friends. After all, there is a lot of worry about. You are suddenly fully responsible for a helpless human being, who can’t tell you what they need. No pressure.

Though I consider myself to be fairly laid back, I have fallen into the trap of worrying over some pretty small things.

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10 Commandments for Travelling with your Baby

I. Thou shalt bring all the baby’s toys in hopes of distracting them, but all the baby shall  want to do is play with napkins.

II. Thou shalt attempt to pack a sense of humour and some patience. Thou will not be able to fit those things in thine suitcases because of all the toys.

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Stuff I can do, now that I have a kid

There is a lot written about the things you can’t do as a parent. (Mostly because those adorable children cramp our style. Yep, they are real buzzkills.) However, no one ever talks about the stuff that you can only do because you have kids.

Let me tell you about some unexpected perks of being a parent. No, not unconditional love and all that crap. You probably know about that anyway.

Here are some things I can do now that I have a kid:

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Parenting Phrases I Hate: Enjoy Every Moment

Welcome to the 3rd instalment of Parenting Phrases I Hate.

Let me set the scene: your baby has been super fussy all day at home. We are talking Sir Fussy von Fussinstein, king of all fuss. In order to remind yourself that there is still happiness in the world, you take the baby outside. You have no idea where you are going, but you are out of the house, so you don’t care. On the walk you run into a lovely person who admires your baby. As they are leaving they say this week’s phrase: “Enjoy every moment”. Continue reading

Guest Post: Dear Son, Make Your Own Sandwich…..(Love, Mom)

Today’s post is a guest post from the lovely and talented Sarah West, at A Life Inspired.This post was originally published at: A Life Inspired

Dear Son, Make Your Own Sandwich….. (Love, Mom)

The other day I hit my limit. I was already stressed due to work deadlines, soccer games and all the many other “priorities” pulling me in a billion different directions.

And the funny thing is, what pushed me over the proverbial mom edge was a sandwich.

It probably did not help that I was running off 12 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours. Again, certain “priorities” demanded my attention more than my bed. So let me paint my moment of total psychosis for you. Keep on Reading!

Slightly Inappropriate Life Lessons from my Dad

As Father’s day approaches, you may be wondering what pearls of wisdom to dish out to your children this year. They have probably heard all of your old standbys a million times. And those things your parents said, that you SWORE you would never say? Ha! You’ve said those a million times too.

Well, have no fear, my amazing readers! I grew up in a house full of strange sayings, and I think these are too good not to share with the Dad in your life. Now, courtesy of Newbie Grandpa (my Dad), here are some of the gems I grew up with, along with translations for those who are not related to me. Enjoy! Continue reading

Goal Setting as a Mom – The Struggle is Real

“I think we need a new shed,” my husband said, looking out at our neglected and overgrown back yard.

“Maybe we can get a kit and I’ll build it,” I said.

He looked at me like I was delusional.

“Do you really think this is a good time to commit to building a shed? We can’t even commit to putting away the laundry.”

Well, he has a point. He had also caught me at my new habit – making goals that I cannot possibly complete. Is this a thing other new parents do? Maybe it is the freedom of nap time or the nice weather, but suddenly I am brimming with tasks I can’t wait to complete.

There is just one thing standing in the way of my burst of productivity and the completion of all of my brilliant ideas. Yes friends, only one thing can stop me now – and it is currently crawling over to splash in the dog’s water dish.

Hey kid, can I have some?

As a parent of a newly mobile baby, I spend most of my day chasing him around and picking up after his destruction. If a task cannot be done in 35 seconds, then it will not be done until nap time.

As such, I have had to re-evaluate my rather over-ambitious goals. Here are some examples: Continue reading

Parenting Phrases I Hate: “You think that’s hard, just wait until…”

Welcome to the second instalment in the series: “Parenting Phrases I Hate.” This week’s phrases is one I have heard a lot since my son was born: “You think this is hard? Just wait until…”

First, I think I have said this, along with almost everyone else I know. Veteran parents are the worst culprits. Most of the time, it is not a bad phrase in and of itself. I will say that 98% of the time this is said in a friendly, joking manner. It is said in camaraderie. But those other 2% of times,  it is meant with malicious intent.

Again, most of the time, it is innocent, but when it isn’t – I hate that phrase.

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Baby Yoga is Not Zen

Before my son was born, I enjoyed going to yoga classes. It was a place for me to unwind, relax and stretch. When my son was born, I looked forward to attending baby yoga classes as a way to relax. Ha! Well, I still love yoga, but when you bring baby along – relaxing it ain’t!

Sure, it starts out well. The baby is momentarily dazzled by all the natural light and wood beams. They stare in open fascination at the yoga poses. If it is your first class, they may even drift off into a short nap. “This is amazing”, you think. “So relaxing. We will have to come back.” But don’t be fooled. This will not last.

Oh no, this sense of peace cannot last because you are not at yoga – you are at baby yoga. I know what you are thinking: “Newbie Mom, how can I tell the difference?” Well, aside from the babies all over the floor, there are several key differences between yoga and baby yoga: Continue reading