Stuff First-Time Parents Worry About

First-time parents worry about everything. Okay, well maybe not everything, but definitely more than our more seasoned mom friends. After all, there is a lot of worry about. You are suddenly fully responsible for a helpless human being, who can’t tell you what they need. No pressure.

Though I consider myself to be fairly laid back, I have fallen into the trap of worrying over some pretty small things.

Here are some things first-time parents worry about:

Why your baby won’t sleep

Is your baby sleeping too long

Are they napping too much in the crib, which will make them impossible to travel with?

Are they napping too much on you, which will mean they nap with you until they leave for college?

Should the baby be on a nap schedule? Also, is the baby on the wrong nap schedule?

Why aren’t they napping?

Why aren’t I napping?

A slight cough

Why do they keep scratching their face with their fingernails and then cry but refuse to have their nails cut?

That the baby is slapping the dog, which obviously means he will grow up to be aggressive and the dog will bite him and we will have to go to the hospital.

That the baby is not crawling/walking/acting like other babies

That the baby has started crawling/walking and are getting into all the things

That your baby is disturbing everyone in public

That people are judging your parenting

That your babies will steal some other baby’s toy and the parents will NOT be cool with it

That your baby spends a lot of time pulling other baby’s hair

That your baby will be a serial killer (like later on, once they master that whole standing thing and are tall enough to get the knives)

Why has your baby spent the whole afternoon screaming at the top of his lungs and then smiling?

That your kid will be too weird. Sorry, too unique.

That your kid will be too normal and not stand out.

That you are too worried about the baby

That you are not worried enough about the baby

That you will buy the wrong baby gear (you probably will)

That you are not doing a good job (but you are.)

That no one else is having as hard a time as you are (They are!)

That you are doing this parenting thing completely wrong (You’re not. Probably. At least not completely. They’ll be fine.)


Okay, I know I missed about 50 things. Tell me what they are in the comments!


Photo credit: pietroizzo via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA





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