Things I call my baby when he is being fussy

We all have strange nicknames for our children, but I think I may have a problem.

Here is a list of all the things I have called my baby when he is being fussy:

  • Fuss bunny
  • Fuss bucket (because he is full of fuss)
  • Captain Fuss of the S. S. Fuss
  • Admiral Fuss (When he is so fussy he controls the whole fuss armada. Wait, is that what you call a bunch of ships? I don’t know. I can’t think over this baby fussing.)

  • Fuss-n-such
  • Fussy von Fussinheimer
  • Fuss McFuss
  • Whiny-ass baby (okay, this one is in my head and mostly during one of those sleepless nights)
  • Fussy Fussenstein
  • Fuss McGus
  • Lord Fussington
  • Mr. Fuss
  • Fussy bear
  • President Fuss B. Fussin’
  • Lord Baby (All hail Lord Baby, King of the crib)

Some things we say he is doing when he is being fussy:

  • Driving the fuss bus
  • Bringing the fuss
  • Being fuss-terating (Ha! Maybe its the sleep deprivation, but I was proud of this one.)
  • Being a sleep terrorist
  • Having a fuss-fest and we are all invited (You are all welcome to attend also. Bring food.)

Okay, I definitely have a problem. I had better go check his birth certificate so I can remember his actual name.


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