Weird things my baby finds amusing

  • The word arugula
  • The word couscous
  • Me pretending to eat his tummy
  • My dog squeaking her toys
  • Me doing push-ups at my workout class (To be fair, this one is hilarious. I suck at push-ups.)

  • The sentence: “Do you want to have a nice long sleep tonight?” (And not just once!)
  • My dance moves
  • A picture of a car
  • His own hands (He stares at those things like he is high.)
  • My boob
  • The word beep
  • Safety instructions on everything (These keep him busy for hours. Then he looks at us like, “Have you guys read these??”)
  • My hands
  • Bagels
  • My dog sleeping
  • My hair
  • His feet
  • The dog’s feet
  • My feet
  • Let’s Make a Deal on TV
  • His jolly jumper (Whoever made this thing is a genius.)
  • Bouncing
  • Hanging upside down
  • Chewing on my chin
  • A plain yellow wall in his nursery
  • Singing warmups
  • Pulling our glasses off our faces
  • Any device with a screen (Kids these days…)
  • Juice bottles

What are some strange things that amuse your babies?


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