I try to write some clickbait titles about parenting, and you won’t believe what happens next!

A Mom changes her baby’s diaper. You won’t believe what’s inside!

            Okay, you probably will.

A baby goes to bed. Bet you can’t guess what happens next!

            Spoiler: it does not end in sleep for anyone.

A baby sees himself in a mirror. What happens next will change the way you look in the mirror for all eternity.

            But probably not. It will however, make you regret your decision to click on this.

A baby finds her hands. What she does with them is the sweetest thing you have seen all day.

             She puts them in her mouth. It’s only mildly adorable.

These new parents try to have a date night. Their baby had other plans.

             The plans are fussing. Lots of fussing.

200 Uses for breast milk that you will blow your mind!

              Mostly they involve eating.

A new Mom tries to get her stroller into a store without a ramp. And you might be making it worse.

              Open doors for people who are struggling. That is what you will learn after clicking through 5 pages               of ads. You’re welcome humanity.

A new Dad is tired. (But it’s not what you think!)

             Unless you think he is not sleeping because his baby is waking up. Then it is exactly what you think.

A baby tries to roll over for the first time. What she does at 2:15 will reduce you to tears.

          Of boredom.

Their new baby finally takes a nap. Their reaction is priceless!

          It’s quiet dancing and sighs of relief.

A pregnant woman goes to the hospital. Watch what happens next!

          She has the baby. Actually, you probably don’t want to watch that.

A Mom leaves her baby in his bouncy chair while she runs to the bathroom. What happens next will restore your faith in humanity.

            Or she pees with the door open, while making funny faces at her baby.

This Mom is tired, and its your fault.

          It’s not. You have never met.








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