If Moms Had their Own Olympic Games

Hi all,

Anyone else have Olympic fever this week? In honour of the Olympics I wrote a post for Her View from Home about what would happen if moms had their own Olympic events. Though I realized later that I forgot to add “Baby gate hurdles”, I think the other events are pretty solid.

Here’s a short excerpt:

“Well, it is time for the 2016 Olympics. We are ready to cheer on our athletes who have spent four years training hard to represent their country in sport. All of this pre-Olympic excitement got me thinking: Moms also work hard all year with little recognition until a handful of days where their work is on display. They too have a unique set of skills and they too are calm under pressure.
What if they had Olympic events for moms? I think it would go a little something like this:

Hello and welcome to the first ever Mom Olympics!

Thank you for your flexibility in changing the date 6 times due to an outbreak of chicken pox, then a lost dog and then a diaper emergency. We would also like to thank Debbie for holding the event in her back yard. Since her baby is napping, we will not be cheering today. Instead we will snap or do jazz hands. Seriously, no one wake up that baby or Debbie is going to lose it.

To prevent doping allegations we would like to limit each competitor’s coffee intake to 1 cup per day. No espresso. Any competitor in violation of this rule will be forced to plan the next school dance.”

Want to read more? You do? Aren’t you sweet. You can read the rest here.

Any shares on social media are very much appreciated.

Enjoy the Olympics everyone! Go team Canada!

Oh, and I would love to hear about any other Momlympic events you can think of in the comments.

Photo via VisualHunt


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