Reasons I didn’t get anything done today

I didn’t get anything done today. Nope, nothing. Well, more accurately, I got a lot of things done, but none of them are easy to prove to others. I used to feel guilty about things like this, in my pre-baby days. While I feel less guilty now, I still feel compelled to make excuses about why I didn’t manage to do a load of laundry despite being home all day. So, today, instead of giving myself excuses, I decided to write them down here.

Here are the reasons I didn’t get anything done today:

Reasons I didn't Get Anything Done Today.jpg

  • My baby crawls really, really fast and I just chased him around all day to prevent him from hurting himself and/or the dog
  • During his nap I was too tired to do anything (See point above, re chasing baby)
  • It was raining
  • It was too hot
  • Started 4 projects and then immediately forgot about them
  • Didn’t feel like cleaning
  • Too tired because my baby woke up at 4 am and the dog woke up at 5
  • Baby made me laugh too hard making funny noises
  • Too busy taking pictures of the baby and dog
  • Too busy texting the aforementioned pictures to mother and mother-in-law
  • My knee hurt
  • I was too hungry
  • I spent an hour looking for my coffee, found it, moved it and lost it again
  • I had to change the baby 3 times due to unfortunate poop incident and unfortunate sippy cup incidents
  • Changed 4000 diapers
  • Had to make 56363 snacks (only 1 was for me)
  • Had to clean up all the snacks (The dog helped with this one.)
  • Had to take the dog on a walk
  • Spent 20 minutes wrestling baby to put on sunscreen for the dog’s walk
  • Baby was slippery from sunscreen and fell while crawling away. He cried for 5 minutes even though he was not hurt.
  • Baby spent all day trying to stick his hand up my nose. It is hard to do anything with a little finger in your nose.
  • Reading cute baby stories
  • Singing stupid songs (mostly made up about various things we were doing)
  • Had to explain the names of all the things my son was pointing at before he lost interest and pointed at something else
  • Tried to interest my son in his many toys instead of repeatedly trying to climb the stairs or play with the dog’s water dish
  • Tried to teach the baby to play fetch with the dog…and succeeded!
  • Tried to do a sit-up
  • Had to lie down from trying to do a sit-up
  • Had to stop baby from trying to eat dog kibble
  • Had to stop dog from trying to eat baby rice crackers
  • Had to eat my food alone in the closet
  • Had to pee
  • Had to text my husband about what he wanted to eat for dinner.
  • I remembered I had a hammock and lied in it for 5 minutes
  • Watched the baby nap
  • Dog fell asleep on my foot

Oh, and this:


Photo credit: photoptimist via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC

Okay, maybe I got a couple things done after all! What prevented you from getting things done today?

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