Things My Dog Barks at When the Baby is Awake vs. Asleep

After many a sleepless night, my son has finally become a pretty good sleeper. (I know, feel free to make disparaging comments about me if your baby is not sleeping well at the moment. Are you done? Okay, can I go on now? Great. Where was I?)

Oh, right Baby MB has become a pretty good sleeper, but I still try to keep things quiet for daytime naps. My dog? Not so much. As soon as the baby dozes off, the dog morphs from laidback couch dog to hyper-vigilant guard dog, determined to protect us from any potential dangers.

Here is a sampling of Hazel’s thoughts when her brother is awake:

Hmm, wonder if there are treats. I love treats. Ooh, a stick. Is it time for belly rubs? Oh boy!

And Hazel when her brother is asleep:

How can he sleep when nothing is safe?!! I must warn the people of all potential threats now!

What threats, you ask? Well that depends on whether the baby is awake or asleep.

See for yourselves.

Things my dog barks at when the baby is asleep:



Her own snoring

Any deliveries

Doorbell sounds on the TV

Car sounds on the TV

Dog sounds on the TV

Dogs walking by outside

Car doors shutting

Cars stopping (Did I mention that we have a stop sign outside our house?)




Neighbour’s cat (She is very afraid of cats.)

Neighbours leaving their porch

Neighbours sitting on their porch

The neighbour’s porch

The phone

The mail

The dishes clinking

Ice in my drink clinking

Things my dog barks at when the baby is awake:

Delivery people

Did you guys hear an ice cube clinking? Excuse me, I have to go bark like crazy.

I think she knows exactly what she is doing.  She has figured out that she is not going on a walk until her brother is awake, and so she must bark at all things until she wakes him up.

Well played dog. Luckily I have raised her from a puppy and I know that her silence can be bought with a couple of frozen bones. Nap away, baby boy, nap away.




6 thoughts on “Things My Dog Barks at When the Baby is Awake vs. Asleep

  1. Lol!!! This is too funny! Our dog used to be like that too, she’s pretty old now and sleeps most of the day, usually in the baby’s room. Snoring and scratching herself every 10 mins making sure her tags jingle as loud as possible…..


  2. Oh my goodness, this is so true! We don’t even have our little one yet, but I know this is only a preview of what it to come. Our dogs already wait until we’re all relaxed, sleeping, or otherwise just trying to enjoy some quiet time to bark at absolutely nothing and everything at the same time!


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