Times I Feel like a Super Mom, but Probably Shouldn’t.

When you are a parent, each day is full of small victories. And I mean small. Some are downright minuscule.

But we all have days like that, right? Days where nothing seems to go right. Our kids are little terrors who make us count down the minutes until bedtime. Everything is a mess, there is no food in the fridge and you can’t seem to get more than a sip of coffee.

On those days, those little victories keep you going. You feel like someone should come around the corner presenting you with a “parent of the year” trophy. Sadly, no one else seems to feel your day merits any trophies. Even though you feel victorious the rest of the world is not that impressed.

Here are a few times I felt like a Super-mom, but no one else agreed:

When I thought I had finally managed to wipe all the oatmeal off my kid’s face, only to get outside and see that I had only managed to remove the first layer of oatmeal. Of course, I discovered this after doing 3 errands feeling like my kid was clean and adorable.

I know what you’re thinking – it’s not that bad. This was after 3 wiping attempts. Photo credit: Liz Parker-Cook

The time I wrestled my son into a clean diaper after a 15 minute battle. I was covered in poop. The change table was covered in poop after he attempted to roll away a million times. He was red faced and teary, but clean. I think I actually raised my arms in victory.

That time I washed, dried and put away a load of laundry in only 10 hours.

The week I washed my hair 2 times.

That time I got my baby to stop eating dog kibble. Oh, hold on, he found some more. Scratch that one.

That day I did two errands in a row and no one cried.

The first day I wore clean clothes, which remained clean all day.

All my “Mom of the Year” Trophies.

Photo credit: Mr.Fink’s Finest Photos via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA

The day I baked a pie and then restrained myself from eating it all in one sitting.

The day I walked around all day wearing a shirt inside out, but looked so confident that no one noticed. (Or maybe they just felt bad for me? Not sure.)

The time I got the dog, baby, baby gear and myself in the car all in one trip without dropping anything. Also, I have street parking, so my car was a block away.

That one day I actually made it everywhere on time. I remember it so well because it has never happened again. Oh well, at least I was gloriously punctual for a day.

Every time I make my baby laugh.

When I remembered to take pictures of my baby to document his monthly birthday, actually ON the day. (That one time.)

When I had food poisoning while flying with my baby and still managed to keep him entertained for 5 hours. You can read about that one here, if you like.

When I took my son to a play class and he didn’t cry when they brought out the parachute. (He is not a fan.)

The first time I wore my hair down and my son DIDN’T pull it!

But Probably Shouldn't..jpg


Okay, that’s all I can think of for now. What are the moments that made you feel like a super mom but no one else seemed to notice?



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